Interactive parenting seminar

Starting school is essential for the relationship that the child is building with school itself and with the learning process. You can work on preparing an excellent start for your child and for yourself by managing properly, from the very beginning, his/her needs, your needs as well as requirements coming from the school and teachers.

Join us at the seminar to find out:

  • information on the age particularities of children on the threshold of schooling (emotions, needs, specific behaviors);
  • motivational factors that influence learning;
  • strategies for building good relationships with actors involved;
  • strategies for overcoming critical situations that may occur in school-related relationships.

Coordinator: Conf.univ.dr. Elena Anghel Stănilă

Seats are limited!

Detalii program
Interval orar: 17.00 - 19.00
Data desfășurare: 31.07.2020
Locație: Zoom Platform
Total ore: 2 ore
Preț program: 150 LEI