Seminar for moms and dads at their beginning

The parent-child relationship is built from prenatal period and is fundamental for the harmonious physical, cognitive, emotional and socio-relational development. The quality of the parental relationship is influenced by several factors, including the level of marital satisfaction. If you are good with yourself, you have an engaging relationship with your partner, then you have the opportunity to create a favorable growth context for your child.

Let’s discover together how to create the most appropriate psycho-educational framework for the harmonious development of your child!

You will learn:

  • psychoeducational methods for developing your child’s personality during the intrauterine life as well as in his/her first three years of life;
  • particularities of the family system, ways of productive management of both marital and parental roles during the prenatal and postnatal period;
  • strategies to overcome critical situations that may occur during pregnancy and in the first three years of the child’s life.

Coordinator: Conf.univ.dr. Elena Anghel Stănilă

Payment to be made the latest 5 days before the date of the seminar.

Seats are limited!

Detalii program
Interval orar: 17.30-19.30
Data desfășurare: 27.09.2020
Locație: Zoom Platform
Total ore: 2 ore
Preț program: 150 LEI