Interactive seminar for dedicated parents

“I explore, I assimilate and I grow up greatly!”

The child between 3 and 6 years old discovers the world and himself under the careful guidance of the parents. Learn to make a healthy psychoeducational contribution to the cognitive, emotional and socio-relational development of your preschooler!

Join us at the seminar to find out:

  • information on age particularities of the preschool children (emotions, needs, specific behaviors);
  • information on family system particularities and management of parental and fraternal roles;
  • effective management of learning contexts and relationships with actors involved in children’s education;
  • strategies to overcome critical situations that may occur within parent-children relationships as well as within sibling relationships.

Coordinator: Conf.univ.dr. Elena Anghel Stănilă

Seats are limited!

Detalii program
Interval orar: 16.00-18.00
Data desfășurare: 09.09.2020
Locație: Zoom Platform
Total ore: 2 ore
Preț program: 150 LEI