„Body and mind health, altogether”

There are institutions dedicated to education and health that put particular interest into the complexity of a human being and have deep respect for the uniqueness in each of us. These institutions become the trainers of excellence in their fields. We come in this life with the desire to develop “coded” in us, we come with the natural zest for learning to become better and grow our own future. This entire journey requires adaptive know how that can be trained, practiced, bettered.

Counseling and consultancy strategies that we offer are intended to:

  • Evaluation and psycho-diagnosis of the cognitive, emotional and behavioral development in children and teenagers;
  • Evaluation of the familial system in which children and teeangers originate
  • Psycho-educational counseling of teenagers and children 
  • Psycho-educational intervention upon adults and elderly in a certain phase of their development and learning
  • Vocational counselling
  • Self awareness and personal development
  • Providing education around health, wellbeing and balance
  • Prevention and remission of emotional, cognitive and behavioral problems of lower clinical importance 
  • Classroom management and crisis management in educational environment.

Benefits for educational services providers:

  • Motivating educational climate
  • Competence and professionalism within the educational activity
  • Remarkable and measurable results on long term

Benefits for health services providers:

  • An increased degree of patient responsiveness to treatment
  • Prevention behavior

Benefits for clients: good shape physically and mentally, sound educational evolution and a feeling of self-fulfillment are they key results of the entire process.

Types of interventions: individual and groups
As adults, mature and responsible, we are always in search for the best teachers and best caretakers for our children and ourselves. The quality of these institutions is a common responsibility and a legacy of the future.