Unquestionable integrity

In the field of human sciences, nothing is possible without the deepest of ethics. The interaction with people at profound levels is an endeavor so overwhelmingly important that moral verticalilty is a sine qua non condition.

Profound and complex competence

Personal development as a field of expertise flourished because of an increasing need in people. The right selection of true professionals became nowadays secondary, because, well, there is the „market need”. Life Up makes a pledge out of selecting professionals with the highest of academic preparation and practical expertise to set and respect unreplaceable standards.

Warm empathy

Empathetic approach is a must in this field. Only by understanding deeply the particular context of someone’s life one can generate solutions towards that person’s progress, development, fulfilling or healing.

Efficiency, countable in results

Authentic professionalism in this field is a measure of the concrete results that people see in themselves. What matters is the number of the recommendations that you get for a job well done and the number of unique solutions you offered, that proved functional. All our interventions start from scientific premises and have their eyes oriented towards the goal. Every problem has somewhere a solution, we are certain about that, no matter how difficult a human puzzle might be.