„Performance in education and relationship”

Being a parent is maybe one of the most difficult life roles that we embark on, being always driven by infinite love for our children. We try to create the best intersection of what our parents put in ourselves, of what we read and learn during our lifetime and especially of what our own children teach us, as they seem to know so well their needs and evolution paths. We want to be parents as close to perfection as possible. Well, in this journey, we can ride alone or we can let ourselves accompanied by a specialist in education psychology, to help us adapt better to our children and allow them grow according to their own beautiful nature.

The parenting strategies that we offer facilitate:

  • Understanding and management of the individual particularities in children and teenagers;
  • Understanding familiar system particularities and the appropriate management of parental roles;
  • Efficient communication and interaction skills
  • Identification of specific needs and the appropriate techniques to correctly fulfill these needs;
  • Crisis management within the parental system
  • Stress management and time management within familial systems
  • Specific interventions in particular cases as a decreased learning motivation, poor performance management and learning to learn.

Types of interventions: individual and groups

A lot has been said and written in the last decade about parenting from numerous perspectives and this happens for a good reason: good parenting is the key to success on all life levels – personal, family and professional.