„A good start towards self fulfillment”

We all come to this world highly resourceful. Our family and our life contexts usually help us activate this resourcefulness. But there are also life contexts that not always bring positive productivity in our intentions and so they stir up vulnerabilities hindering our true, innate potential and leaving us with less energy for our objectives.

The personal development strategies that we propose allow:

  • A profound psycho-diagnosis
  • A clear identification of personal resources and limitations
  • Overcoming of the blockages and transformation of vulnerabilities into actionable resources 
  • New abilities and skills as: self-awareness, introspection /self-exploration, self trust, self esteem, assertiveness, efficient communication. Sane and functional human authenticity, briefly. 
  • Building-up of new patterns of behavior
  • (Re)forming of personality

Beneficiaries: children, teenagers, adults, elderly, couples and families

Types of interventions: individual and groups

Personal development is the fundament for physical and psychological health and life-long thriving.