I am a PhD in Psychology, a principal psychologist, trainer and supervisor in the fields of educational psychology, scholar and vocational counseling and psycho-therapy. I had the chance to deliver a doctoral disseration in a key field of human development: „formation of gender identity in teenagers”. I invented and reinvented myself several times in a professional field that brings me daily satisfaction because it surely feeds on passion.

I founded Life Up in the right moment of my life when I added enough experience and information to put up a whole team of professionals and start to share this expertise. The aim is to offer the highest of standards in counselling and therapy, with constant and proven results.

 I firmly believe in the power of humans to reinvent themselves all through their life. Education is a process intimately linked to personal evolution; it does not begin or end with the school. Education fosters human development as a life long process from the early stages of life, to teenager, maturity and elderly challenges. Education is integrative and holistic and it is based on the roles that we all play in each and every second of our lives. It is intrinsically embedded in our society life and so it becomes the very reason why humanity flourishes in each of us.

The professional services in the field of psychological consultancy and therapy that Life Up offers are a response to the complexity of nowadays living and to a growing need among people and organizations to reach their goals. The physical health and psychological fulfillment are a must and therefore they both should become a perfectly reachable objective each day of our lives.

Elena Anghel Stănilă