“Get education excellence!”

The concept of Life Long Learning (LLL) and continuous formation in multiple fields is in the center of educational policies nowadays in almost all countries of the world. Each of us wants to know more, to explore more, to refine our skills and better our daily lives, as an innate desire for evolution. We learn, grow and while growing we taste the beauty of life. We want to be good examples for our children, always strive to offer them a safe and sane environment for growth and put in them the correct ingredients for their future success.

Learning and development strategies that we practice are aiming towards the:

  • Information and formation of the educational services providers (educators, teachers, medical assistants)
  • Information, Formation and Re-formation (IFR) of the education and health services beneficiaries (children, teenagers, parents, elderly people) as regards their learning processes and personal development in life.

Benefits for the education and health services providers:

  • Getting to understand in depth the psychological particularities of development and learning in children, adults and elderly;
  • In depth understanding of the familial system specificities and the way it functions;
  • Communication abilities and interaction skills with different social categories;
  • Strategies, methods and modern teaching techniques to acquire the right skills for the correct evaluation and learning motivation;
  • Personal and professional development

Benefits for the educational and health services clients (children, teenagers, parents, elderly):

  • Education excellence
  • Personal diagnosis and personalized learning – development plan
  • Efficient interaction and communication skills
  • Instruments for personal and familial life fulfillment

Types of interventions: individual and groups

Learning and development are the key ingredients for an excellent personal evolution and intelligent adaptation to what life brings in.